H.L. Cricket
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Virginia White is an average teenage girl excited to start high school.  She thinks her town of Compass is a place where nothing unexpected ever happens.  Then one afternoon eerie dark clouds move in over her neighborhood and abruptly turn her world upside down.  Now Virginia is being chased by a storm of evil that is relentless in its pursuit.  Tossed into a world of unknown, she’s desperately searching for answers, barely staying ahead of those who will stop at nothing to control her.  Will Josh, the attractive and tough outsider, help her find her way?  Will the feelings between the two grow from their unlikely encounter?  Or is he just another member of the Worshipers wanting nothing more than to use Virginia?  She’s running from those who want her, and she’s running out of time.  Virginia White is desperate for answers, she needs help, and more than anything else, she wants everyone to stop telling her…she’s dead.

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